Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16 - Lafayette, LA to Kerrville, TX

It's late, so there won't be an pictures with this blog post, but we'll put a link to the photos on my Facebook page.

We saw the weather radar when we left Lafayette, LA and it showed rain coming into Lake Charles. By the time we rode into Lake Charles, the pavement was wet, but no rain.  Prayer answered.

We saw a sign for the Battleship USS Texas and decided to take a detour.  It was worth it, but the mosquitoes are terrible there.

We stopped at a rest area near Seguin, TX and met Kim Kincade (I think that is his last name).  We stayed there for about 30 minutes for water and to sit in the shade.  Kim rides a Triumph Bonneville.  Nice bike!

Kim leaving the rest area on his Triumph
We were making good time and we estimated arriving in Kerrville around 1745 (5:45 pm), but we ran into a looooong backup on I-10.  The short version is that we ended up arriving in Kerrville at about 1930 (7:30pm).

While driving through San Antonio, we barked over the idea of going to the Alamo, but we were tired and wanted to get to the hotel.

Tomorrow we're shooting for Deming, NM.  We played rock, paw, scissors and I won.  I preferred a 580 mile day rather than a 650 mile day.

We've ridden 1747 miles so far.  I think we estimated this mission at 6,000 miles.  We're on track to arrive in Irvine, CA on Saturday, then we'll spend a day with my great aunt Connie and great uncle Wendell.

Keep your tongue in the wind!  Please pray for the safety our troops, and for us on our mission.


Link to my photo album that includes photos from this day

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