Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 15: Columbus, GA to Lafayette, LA via Tuskegee and Mobile

We left Columbus, GA at 0700.  While riding towards Montgomery, AL, we saw the sign for the Tuskegee Airmen, and decided to check it out.  We forgot that Alabama is in central time zone.  When we arrived, it was a little after 0800 on our bike clock, but it was actually a little after 0700.  We rode to Hangar 1 and there were people waiting to get into one of the Hangars so they can work on it.  The hangar is under reconstruction. One of the guys told us that an original P-51 Mustang "Red Tail" was in the hangar and suspended.  He said it was covered in plastic.  When the doors were unlocked, he let us in to see it.  It was soooo cooool!  He said he had the honor of meeting the pilot of that specific P-51:  Mr. Williams.
One of the original "Red Tails".  We were so exctied to be able to see this P-51

It's covered in plastic and the lighting isn't finished, but you can see the marking.

South of Montgomery, we saw a truck from Four Oaks, NC.  My driver talked with him on the CB for a while and it turns out we all know the same people.  He knows people who attend Freedom Biker Church, and so do we.  He called one of his friends he knew us and told him where we were.  This is a very small world!

We're practically neighbors.  He's from Four Oaks, NC and we live about 45 minutes from there.
We stopped at Battleship Park in Mobile, AL and visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  There is a tribute to working dogs there.  While there, there were kids from a school in Hattiesburg, MS there for a field trip.  I had the pleasure of meeting many of them.  I think there were more on the bus, but I'm not sure.

My driver's face is already wind burned.  When we were in Louisiana, the temps go to about 90 and it was humid.  We drank lots of water.

Tomorrow, our destination is Kerrville, TX.  Overall, we had a very blessed day.

Keep your tongue in the wind!


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  1. Dear friends following you both from North of the Border, be safe, Veterans UN Nato Canada.